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RDS offers a comprehensive and integrated facility management services for housekeeping, plumbing, carpentry and electrical service. We have the ability, expertise, and resources to meet any requirements and to manage facilities maintenance solutions. We are always available for all our customers maintenance needs in the daily routine of commercial and corporate sites.

  • Repairs & Renovation
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Floor Polishing
  • Gardening
  • AC Services

1. Repairs & Renovation

Whatever your renovations needs, we've got it covered. From minor home repairs to scalable commercial carpentry, we cheerfully meet your needs and provide a friendly and reliable service. Simply contact us with the details of the work required and RDS Maintenance will develop a tailored team of experienced professionals qualified to complete all your property tasks to a high standard.

Home Renovations

  • Painting works of internal and external walls, doors and windows.
  • Polishing of floors, wooden windows and doors.

Bathroom Renovations

  • Plumbing line replacement, water proofing of sunken portion, tile relaying, replacing fixtures etc
  • Floor polishing (Mosaic)
  • Relaying floor tiles

Kitchen Renovations

  • Replacing kitchen platforms with granite top, kitchen flooring, semi modular and modular kitchen
  • Replacing stainless steel sink, kitchen shelves tiles for wall dado.

Building Renovations

  • Chipping and plastering of internal / external walls.
  • Supplying and replacement of doors, windows wherever necessary.
  • Making door or window openings after ensuring structural safety.
  • Terrace water proofing (if possible)
  • External tile laying, paver block laying.
  • Complete deep cleaning of houses.
  • Polishing of movable furniture’s, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, pooja shelves.
  • Replacing door locks, tower bolts, hinges, keels wherever necessary.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance Services is a group of services for taking care of all your property needs. The services include deep cleaning, Kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, repairs and renovation.

We recommend regular home maintenance services to enhance your home and keep in prime condition.

We have a team of skilled technicians who conduct the maintenance appointments. Once you sign on with us, we will assign a technician and pick a time slot based on your preference.

All our employees are vetted for correct identification and background check. We are fortunate to have a team of highly skilled craftsmen addressing your needs as required and offering best quality of work.

3. Electrical

We specialize in electrical repairs services. We do minor works like fixing or removing ceiling fan or repairing your complete home wiring. Whatever the work is, we will take care of it. Furthermore, to ensure your safety, we provide only quality electrical contractors and electrical technicians to deliver the required at home services. Needless to say, if you’re one of those individuals with a tight schedule or in dire need of an electrical technician at your beck and call, RDS has your back!

4. Plumbing

Our plumbing services are complete solutions for your home plumbing requirements. We do minor works like fix and remove tap in restroom/kitchen/wherever required or a complete upgrade of pipes. We offer you quality on all our homes plumbing repairs. We like to work closely with our clients and if needed provide professional guidance and expertise along the way. Our team has many years of experience, giving you peace of mind and the assurance of a first class finish every time. Just call RDS and we will send an expert plumber to your door at an agreed time.

5. Carpentry

Carpentry is a skillful craft and RDS has some of the best carpenters on board. Carpentry services can alter from as little as hammering a talon and suspending your household engraving, or as significant as construction of your modular kitchen. RDS teams of certified carpenters are equipped to handle even the most intricate carpentry work around. We can assure you that our team of experts will be available as a helping hand.

6. Painting

When the paints on the walls look faded, or there is a layer of stain and dirt or if it is peeling or cracking, then you know that it is time to take care of the walls – not just to protect them but also to give them that rich, dreamy look. We at RDS can help you in making this happen. Our unmatched home wall painting services not only get rid of the imperfections on the wall but also exude depth and texture to reflect your personality. Aspiring to promote serenity, trust and beauty, our professional painters understand the nature of work behind color shades and can easily recommend the most apt tone for your home interior painting.

7. Floor Polishing

One of the first things people may notice when entering your home is the floor. We at RDS can give your old, dull floorings a new look! From tough granite to soft limestone, we are able to clean, polish, remove stains, and seal most natural stone surfaces to even repair minor damages. We polish them so well so as to transform your floors with a mirror-like sheen.

8. Gardening

Plants embody so much of beauty, life and grace. We want to be able to assist our customers in enhancing the beauty of their homes using indoor plants or by maintaining their own gardens in their balconies or their plot of land. We have with us people who are passionate about nurturing beauty, understanding the rhythm involved in sowing and reaping, harmony with nature.

9. AC Service

RDS gives best experienced AC technicians. We keep our inspection charge extremely low in market. On the prospect that you are booking AC service with RDS, you won't need to stress over quality and after service support, we give superb customer support.

All AC professionals couldn't service all sort of AC models and brands, Some AC mechanics are inexperienced with specific brands. Most AC professionals don't have ability in inverter AC. At RDS we have professionals to service all sort of ACs, in view of your model and brand we will send the accomplished AC technicians to your entryway step

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