With this sort of employment arrangement, a client company will identify a candidate but will ask the staffing firm to put the person on the staffing firm’s payroll.

Elements of Payrolling

The payrolling company serves as the employer of record.

In broader terms, it means that employee and employer obligations attach to the payrolling company, not the client.

RDS Business Services

Payrolling agencies typically do not hire and place workers; this is done by the client or by an independent enlisting or staffing company, which has the added advantage of letting you employ exactly who you like but still outsourcing the administrative functions of hiring and employment.

Payrolling process work flow

If you find a great candidate but are unable to hire him or her directly, let your RDS representative know. Tell us about your payment amounts, schedules and work hours, and we’ll do the rest:

  • The candidate will be required to fulfill our application process.
  • We conduct all pre-employment necessities, including background checks and medical tests, employee eligibility checks, etc.
  • We keep track of all timing and attendance, and issue paychecks.
  • Reduce Administrative Burden.
  • There are innumerable laws that organizations have to conform to in India – minimum wages, gratuity, ESIC, PF,, just to name a few.

RDS takes over the burden of all administrative responsibilities by standing-in as the employer on record, and takes care of labour law compliance and other legal issues.

We have a team of legal experts and compliance officers to make sure that your business will be in 100% compliance with all legal regulations in the market.